12 Boredom-Blasting Tips for Parents

Contributed by: Terry Matlen, ACSW

In my post, "ADHD and Guilt: How to Handle Parenting and Boredom", I discussed the often unspoken feelings parents with ADHD have about how certain aspects of parenting can be hopelessly boring. Playing with your child can be particularly challenging if you, like me, absolutely hate most children's games, movies and TV shows. But yet, you do want to connect with your children and have fun with them. But if your ADHD causes you to nod out when the Barbies come out, or if you're inches away from punching out Barney on the TV screen, consider these activities to help you enjoy free time with your child.

Recognize that at times, you need to negotiate activities with your child in order to connect with her. If you can't tolerate reading the same book 3 times in one night, offer to read one plus one of your choosing, or rotate every other night with her choice, then yours.

  • Consider shortening the time that you play. If an hour of playing Life puts you over the top, play for 1/2 hour.
  • Take breaks every 15 minutes or so, then return to the activity.
  • Come up with creative ideas for activities that you both would enjoy and write them down, so that you don't get stuck doing the same thing day after day.

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