Managing Hypersensitivities in Adults with ADHD

Contributed by: Terry Matlen, ACSW

Last week, I wrote a Share Post on how to help manage your ADHD child's hypersensitivity. As little as there is written about that subject, even less is known about adults with ADHD and hypersensitivities. It makes perfect sense that a child who is tormented with sensory issues (also known as sensory defensiveness) will grow up to be an adult who is also challenged in this area. Though many kids do seem to outgrow some of them, many do not. And these adults often feel silly, immature and thus embarrassed about how difficult life is for them, dealing with hypersensitivities to sound, touch, smell and the like.

In fact, when I lecture at local and national conferences, I always mention how people need to be aware of this invisible condition, often seen with ADHD, because it typically affects them in nearly all aspects of their lives.

Just like children who are troubled by sensory issues, adults also commonly complain of:

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